Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems

Manufacture in UK



We specialise in rotary wing aircraft, principally with Helicopter UAV aircraft.

Manufactured to high specification, for use in the Military, Security, and Law Enforcement environment, as well as for Commercial operation. Designed, developed, and manufactured in conjunction with Aero Technic. Aircraft can also be manufactured to individual organisations' requirement.

Specifications are mainly developed to fit the sub-25kg [MTOM] UAS (Small UAV) requirements. We also have a larger rotary wing COAX Helicopter system at 120kg take-off weight... in final stages of development.


RPAS Aerospace can provide Equipment, Expertise, RWUAV Training, and Support to meet Your Operational Requirements, and BVLOS Flight with specialist trainers.

RWUAV Platforms:

Developed for Use in various scenarios and operations for Security, Police, and Commercial operations.


2021: WEBSITE AND INFORMATION IS NOW BEING UPDATED... General info is available on Menu Pages...


Now Closed project. Development and installation of Wankel motor for 25kg MTOM Coaxial Helicopter...
AIE Wankel motor with our own starter, clutch, and drive pulley for coaxial rotor gearbox. RPAS Aerospace design for motor mounting to coaxial helicopter UAV airframe.
Carbon Fibre  with Aluminium honeycomb composite, and gold faced heat shield. Coaxial Helicopter UAV airframe platform with final installation of AIE W40S Wankel motor for 25kg MTOM sUAV from RPAS Aerospace.
Wankel starter clutch drive motor mounting module final motor installation




  • DISASTER - Civil Emergency Response
  • SURVEILLANCE - Wide Area Observation for Law Enforcement and Commercial Operations
  • RESCUE ASSIST - Search & Rescue, Observation, Management Support
  • PUBLIC ORDER EVENTS - Data Gathering and Low Risk Surveillance
  • TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT - Support for Highways Agencies with Traffic Incidents
  • MAINTENANCE SUPPORT - Inspection for Power Line, Pipe Line, Manufacturing Facilities, Surveys
  • OTHER - ISR - Wide Ranging options, for areas where low risk aerial cover or observation is preferable

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PARTNERS: RPAS Aerospace... working with:
Airframe Development and Engineering to aerospace requirement
AIE - World leaders in Wankel rotar motor development



BP - UAV development with pipeline and production operations and security